Photo Courtesy of : MayhemandMuse - Illustrations of Norman Duenas

Photo Credit: – Illustrations of Norman Duenas

In my first job ever, I worked as a waitress at a 76 Truckstop. I was barely a teenager. Looking back, I was actually pretty good at it but my fondest memory of this job was the putrified smell of stale grease that seemed to emit from everything. 😦 I also worked as a convenient store clerk and even managed my own store for a time. I had yet to turn 18. At that point, I took a few years off to have babies but after my divorce, knew I had to get serious, if I ever hoped to support them alone. My first hope was the United States Marine Corps. Sadly that dream was squashed because I was a single mom and only possessed a GED. Taboo, at the time I guess. Still determined to follow in my dad’s footsteps, I went into the automotive parts industry where I worked as a parts driver and in two different warehouses. Later, I worked for an engine rebuilder, and as a service secretary. I really loved that job. I was also a caregiver ( several times over) during the time period. And of course, at times I had to retrace my steps not to mention boast several dead end jobs that I care not to even mention here.

In 1996, I went to work for a local newspaper as an advertising manager but I actually wore many hats there. It was there that I realized my dream of becoming a writer and was published for the very first time. But I had a love/hate relationship with my editor and he still likes to tease that Ifired myself no less than five times during my employ. That would almost be funny, if it wasn’t essentially true, but the truth is I felt stifled in my work and had other things I wanted to pursue. I left that job for good on my 39th birthday and took up freelance web design and for a time actually eeked out a living at it. This is by far, my most satisfying endeavor, EVER !

Briefly, and may I stress briefly, I even worked for ‘old-man Sam’ as an overnight stock person. It took me three months to get hired and three three weeks to quit. It was either that or commit myself. Gosh, I hated that job!

In early 2004, I was thrust( by the sheer force of nature) into a career in property management. Anyway, I either managed or helped to manage, five different properties in the course of eight years. I am not going to lie and tell you that I enjoyed the entire experience, but I certainly enjoyed the perks of the job and my overall successess. It was also this field where I was able to hone every skill that I ever learned in my entire work life. I was GOOD at it!

In October of 2011, I left that career and was sucked into a life of unemployment which lasted almost a year. In 2012, I became the co-owner of a thriftstore which has afforded us a modest living but not much more. While it was a good idea at the time, in this economy it is floundering through no fault of our own.

Anyway finally, in desperation, I retraced my steps again and took yet another job as a caregiver. Some of you may remember what happened there. Unforunately, I was unfairly fired at an UNGODLY hour of not quite 4 am by an 89 year old woman.

So what am I doing now? but of course, I am unemployed, licking my wounds and trying to figure out how to re-invent myself. ~ Sherry

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