Once Upon a Poetess?

As you may have guessed, I once fancied myself a poetess but don’t much any more. And I am not the only one who thought I was worthy of such an esteemed title. At one time, I had quite a following. Well I haven’t written anything new in quite some time. 😦 Writers block being the main culprit, however other circumstances have contributed to it as well, I am sure. Be assured though that I have not yet stopped trying and I look forward to the day when my pen will flow freely as it once did.

With that said, all of the poetry and prose I plan to post here is of my very own pen, and most was originally posted at the Starlite Cafe between the years of 2000 and 2010 and is copyrighted. The vast majority of it was written in a three year time frame.

I have well over 500 poetic gestures to my credit, although I wish I didn’t have to take credit for all of it.

Read in the proper sequence it reads like a journal of my life which at times was ( lets just say) very dreary. I call it my dark era for various reasons. While my writing is all very personal to me, A LOT of it, I just as soon leave behind in the past where it belongs.

OK!!! OK!!!! OKAAAAAAY!!! I admit it, I probably could benefit from therapy, but moreso CLOSURE! 🙂

On a positive note, some of it is quite good (if I do say so myself ) and I’d like to rescue it for prosperity’s sake, eventually to be compiled in hard copy for my children and theirs. My hope is to sift through the ruins, and come out with something I can be proud of.

If I can manage to salvage even a hundred or so pieces , I’d be ecstatic, so this shall be my goal ! 🙂

With that said, I must add that I’ve attempted this transition before and never quite followed through.

Going BACK is the HARD part! Please wish me luck. To complete this task, means a lot to me.


Once Upon a Poetess

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read. Your comments are appreciated!

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