Posted in February 2013

How appropriate… hump day!

Well I went back to work last night to start my week with a 14+ hour shift. Long RESTLESS night for her and I. Today I came home, gave my husband cars keys and forced myself to stay home and sleep for awhile. I am just waking up and in a few hours I will … Continue reading

A week in the LIFE – Personal accounting

WOW!!   So much has happened this last week or so.    First, we were brought forth in judgement in of all places, FACEBOOK.  Well actually a FACEBOOK family page about overdue reunion fund reimbursement.  Called to account !!!   Kiss Method!  Done.  But apparently it was considered lame by the family powers that be.  ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE!     … Continue reading

Dawning of my two days off!

Just a worthy mention. One of my first childhood memories is summer vacation at my maternal grand parents in New Jersey. Myself, being the youngest got to share grandmom’s bedroom where I was subjected to her SNORING which would give me nightmares. I also remember the powerful smell of Bengay. Oddly some 47 years later, … Continue reading